We focus on developing career pathways, growth mindsets, achieving positive life outcomes and improved relationships through building self-esteem, coaching life skills and education around Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, delivered in a fun training format to increase coping and resilience strategies. To the student this includes activities like Grooming, Deportment, Style, Shopping, Makeovers, Leadership, Job Ready and High Tea fun. These activities are often the reason they are so keen to turn up on day one, but what keeps them coming back is the social collateral that comes from spending time with others, the positive messages that are constantly being delivered, the opportunity to connect with their CSO's, the lack of judgement by all in the room and the feeling of belonging to something that is bigger than just their story.



Founder of Savvy Style and Training


Savvy Style and Training offers programs and courses that build self esteem, leadership and employability. We've harnessed the power of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and designed programs that educate participants about it, in a fun training format to encourage growth mindsets, awareness of negative/toxic behaviours (in ourselves and others) and improve communication skills, right through to personal styling. Prue Howard founded Savvy Style and Training in 2013 and won the 2020 International Women's Day Leadership Award - Small Business. Prue has a proven track record as a sales and team leader in the direct selling industry for 15 years. Prue was employed in the Hotels, Events and Convention Services industry for nine years. She has specialized in developing new businesses, and creating large client bases from nothing. Prue is a master at creating a strong and mutually loyal relationship with her clients. She attributes her success to high interpersonal skills, honesty, presentation and a genuine desire to connect with people. Prue has been a volunteer in the community welfare industry for 18 years and a crisis councellor for 4 years. Prue has identified people have a strong desire to move forward in life, but often lack the self esteem, effective communication and presentation skills to achieve the same. She is passionate about teaching others these skills, by offering courses that focus on styling from the inside out.