What We Do

The perfect learning experience blends together professionalism with just the right amount of personalized attention. All of the services we offer are catered to fit your every need, no matter what you may have in mind. Read on to learn more about our programs and some of the amazing things we can do for you.


Girl in Classroom

Learn while having fun

Savvy Style and Training design our workshops to be fun and to build confidence. If you have identified your students need a bit of "polishing" without the stuffy old fashioned delivery, then give us a call today to discuss how we can tailor a workshop to your groups needs.
We focus on grooming, social etiquette, body language and posturing, life skills, building relationships, communication skills, workplace interviews and effective listening. Call us today to discuss what your students need, we are here to guide them into the future they deserve.



Look and Feel Your Best

We understand that different community groups require different focuses. We have courses designed to work in with the needs of children, adolescents and adults who have lost there way and need help to find the confidence and skills to regain their independence and set them on the right path. Call us today to discover how we can create a package that's just right for you.


Legal Advice

Get Job Ready

Savvy Style and Training have many packages available to your organisation to assist your clients in moving forward in life, either in study or employment. We understand a lot of the barriers to work place entry lie in the individuals self esteem and their self belief. Enquire today about how we can tailor a package to suit your clients needs. We focus on personality profiling, customising resumes for application success, reverse marketing for job placement, grooming, budgeting and life skills, workplace interviews, mind mapping to get that job, dream building, effective listening, makeovers for interviews and workplace, reprogramming self belief and self talk.


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Feel Your Best

Have you lost yourself in the 'business' of life?  Not sure who you are anymore?  Did you know we have around 60,000 thoughts per day and 90% of them are on repeat?   Think of these thoughts like a record on a player, are you playing a positive or a negative tune?  Is it time to change the record of your life?  At Savvy Style & Training we've put together a two day workshop to help with this.   So, if you're ready to reclaim your power, learn to change your self talk and create a new you, then this course is for you.

Course includes:

Personality Profiling

Understanding Self Esteem and the Self Belief Cycle

Discover how our Self Belief impacts on our life and environment

Meet Proud Ball

Learning the steps to reprogram your thoughts and self talk

Finding the best friend in you