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Julieann Cork
A / Regional Executive Director
North Coast Region | Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

" In terms of Styling from the Inside Out, there are many reasons why I would recommend this program, here are some of the keys:

The North Coast Region has run over 15 programs with Prue Howard and Savvy Style and Training. Every program has received overwhelmingly excellent feedback from the participants. In essence the young people report that the courses make them feel better about themselves, give them the tools for planning their future, enable them to make friendships with other young people in similar positions and are completely fun! I have caught up with a lot of the girls from the courses who many months later speak positively of the experience and can explain to me the concepts that they learnt. They all say they want to do more courses and think they should be available for other young people in care. 

Prue's courses-disguised as what in the past would have been called old fashioned 'deportment' are a great mix of things the young people want to be masterful of i.e. fashion & grooming and fundamental keys to thriving e.g. self-leadership and communication skills. The metaphor of 'finding your own unique style' is incredebly powerful for this cohort. Even more so than their age counterparts they feel like they don't belong or fit. The courses help them reframe this constructively and recognise that they do fit and can take control of their story. Similarly their carers typically feedback about measurable change. 

Finally, the critical success factors to these courses are Prue Howard and the CSO's. Prue is very skilled at quickly establishing a rapport with the young people which lets them know she really respects them and cares for them. She sets very reasonable and clear boundaries making the participants feel safe. All the young people respect and love Prue. The CSO's are very important too - the courses provide a great relationship building opportunity and the young people respond well to their CSO's joining in and often comment on this in their feedback.

I always read the feedback from Prue's courses as it is both moving and affirming for me as a child safety professional to see such positive impact for our young people.


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"Seven of Sunraysia's long term unemployed women have armed themselves with a swag of skills that can't be learnt through books. Savvy Style and Training's Prue howard has spent two weeks with the women, providing them with the life changing knowledge that has helped many of them go on to further employment or study..... The women spoke on the impact the two week course has had on them in a graduation ceremony at MADEC yesterday. Participant Tracy Wise could not believe how far she had come in just two weeks "Before this course I was really depressed, but this has given me a sense of hope, has raised my self-esteem, I'm so proud of myself." Desrae Smith, who also participated in the course, said she had gained in confidence. "I'm feeling the best I've felt in a long time."

Sunraysia Daily

"I am very grateful for your support of the "It's All About Me" program. Watching these women step out and model beautiful outfits and looking glamorous (after what they've been through), was a truly moving experience for me. Your support and mentoring made them feel valuable and special as they were treated with dignity and your kindness played a large part in that process...."

Mayor Pam Parker

"I would like to say a big thank you for today and for the last few weeks for everything you have done. It has been amazing to watch the girls grow in confidence and self esteem and to watch them let go of their past. You are an inspiration to us all and I for one aim to achieve all I can because of the extra boost you have given me. So, thank you for letting us shine inside and out."


"Today our Savvy Style and Training Course finished. It has been an amazing three days, watching people blossom in their confidence has just been wonderful. Trainer Prue Howard is an absolutely amazing woman. She is a fabulous combination of friendly and professional, and truly gifted in bringing out the best in people. The course included personality profiling, resume writing, and a fabulous makeover including clothing, body shaping and makeup. Lighthouse Care deeply thanks Prue for the honour and priviledge of her support to our members. If you are looking for a brilliant "team trainer" we can't recommend her highly enough for your members. Thank you Prue for the amazing work you are doing for the people in our city, you a truly a blessing.

Lighthouse Care

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